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September 3, 2013
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Doodle: Arrogance by 8manderz8 Doodle: Arrogance by 8manderz8
I love being called arrogant by theists... It brightens my day, really.
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sarahsmiles916 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
Pure irony- I love it!
crazyforchocobos Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013
I love the look that guy is giving the chick it's like he's thinking: "Why is she flipping out like this? All I said was it wasn't really clicking with me."
Fuzzyelf Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
Yeah, because it is arrogant to think we are not the center of the universe. That we are a single planet inside a single solarsystem in a galaxy with near uncountable solarsystems in an endless ocean of other galaxies...
TDICharlieBrown Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
Why are you athiest? I'm just curious.
8manderz8 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for asking :) I am an atheist because I am a skeptical person by nature, and because I can accept that I do not know all the answers.  

Religion sells certainty: 'God exists.'  But in order for such an extraordinary claim to be accepted by me (and other atheists for that matter), there needs to be some extraordinary evidence to back up that claim.  There is no adequate evidence to support the claim that God exists, and so the only reasonable conclusion I could come to personally was that I do not believe in such things.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions :) 
TDICharlieBrown Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
So you need hard on exact evidence in order to believe something exists? Well, yeah. I can fully understand that. It can be our nature to want to know something and have absolute undeniable proof that it is indeed there. I myself tend to think about and want physical proof myself at times as a Christian.

But that is where the concept of faith comes into play. As a Christian,  I believe that there is indeed a good, righteous, loving, and just God that is in full control of things. And that if we put all our faith in his teachings and accept the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for everyone by dying on the cross for our sins, then we can be born again and live a new life that will be good not just for me, but to all those I come into contact with in the long run. (Not a care-free or easy life by any means. But good in accordance to Jesus Christ)

But if you are searching for actual proof, then I do have a theory I would like to share with you that I think can be backed up by facts. But I will only share it if you are interested in hearing it. If not, that's okay.
8manderz8 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

That’s where the problem lies for me, I don’t have faith because I cannot force myself to believe in something – especially a claim so extraordinary as God – without some solid evidence.  It simply makes no sense to me that a being that supposedly created the entire universe would be so interested in the trivialities of individual lives, and would have chosen to reveal itself through a single desert-dwelling tribe’s stories thousands of years ago.

I mean no offense at all, but since we’re on the topic, I thought I might ask. Why do you have faith in the claims about Jesus and not in the claims of other religion’s ideas? If it relies so heavily on faith, is it possible that if you’d been introduced to a religion other than Christianity growing up/whenever you became a believer, that you’d view Christianity as wrong and your beliefs as right?

If you do have proof of God, definitely feel free to share it. :)

TDICharlieBrown Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
Yeah, that is a good point you make about the introduction of religion at a young age. If I had been introduced to Hunduism, Islam, Buddhism, or any other religion at such a young age, then I cannot honestly say I would or wouldn't view Christianity as a false religion.

But there are two things that have led me to accept that there is a God and to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior (One that will get into what I believe is solid evidence that God does exist)

1.) The one thing that Christianity has over any other religion is that it was able to accurately predict everything about Jesus Christ and the things he would do, go through, how people would accept/reject him, and even how he would die hundreds and hundreds of years prior to them happening. These prophecies are recorded in the book of Isaiah in the Bible. Now I know people will say 'oh, that's the simple answer and that anyone can write a prophecy and make it come true'. But the one thing I thing a LOT of people forget is that the Bible itself is historically and archeologically accurate and this claim is even supported by historians all over the world regardless of their beliefs. No other religion, to my knowledge, can make such a claim. (If I'm wrong, please tell me.)

2.) The second thing (and this is what I whole heartedly proves the existence of God) is the existence of good and evil. Regardless of a person's beliefs whether it be atheistic or religious, we as human beings have these thoughts of absolute morality that is universal. For example, it is wrong to steal from another person things that are not rightfully yours. If one does steal from another, we demand that person be brought to justice. Or a better example: it is an absolute truth that a human murdering another mercilessly and it not being an act of self defense is evil and we demand that a murderer be brought to justice. One more example: we believe it to be morally wrong for a human being to commit an act of adultery against his or her spouse. If one does commit adultery, we believe that the one who violated their commitment to his or her spouse is in the wrong and is publicly humiliated, which he or she brought upon him or her self.

Now us knowing these to be facts, let us look at an animal. When they steal from one another, it is survival of the fittest. When they kill, it is survival of the fittest. When a male mates with numerous females, it is the strong endure. To them, there is no good or evil. Only instinct and survival. To try and teach an animal the difference between good and evil would be a waste of time because good and evil does not exist for them. But it does for us humans. And not only does it exist in these ways listed as well as numerous others, but it has existed for thousands and thousands of years. These concepts of morality have been passed on from generation to generation. Now the question is where did this sense of good and evil come from? It HAD to come from somewhere.

The Bible states that it came when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the tree that had the knowledge of good and evil. And it also states that before that, Adam and Eve were like all the other animals in the Garden of Eden: they had no knowledge of good or evil.

The way I see it, to say there is no God is to say there is no good or evil. If there is no God, then bringing thieves, murderers, and rapists to justice is pointless because we are just animals living out our instincts. But the fact that we do have a sense of what is good or what is evil and that this takes priority over our animal like urges can only support the existence of a God that put this sense in us. Even if we try to resist this and steal or commit adultry against our spouse, we still have this feeling that what we are doing is wrong. Something won't let us feel that it is right. And that something HAS to be God.

Now to go a little further into this and why I feel Christianity is the true religion: When you look at Islam, they practice the belief that they should kill all those that do not agree with them. Christianity supports the fact that killing is evil. "Thou shalt not kill". Other religions practice the thought "an eye for an eye". Jesus taught us to love our enemies. "If a man strikes one cheek, turn to him the other cheek". These are just a few examples that support good vs. evil: Jesus Christ and his teachings support the thought of things that are right.... or rather "good".

Now I know there is a lot more to dive into when looking at this, but this message is long enough, don't you think? lol. I'll leave you with that. If you have any questions or counter statements, please feel free to write back.
Your argument that "without God there are no morals" is not supported by scientific evidence. Most scientists now believe that the basics of what we describe as "morality" have evolutionary and genetic roots; and serve the purpose of helping us survive as a social species. Evidence in favor of this includes...
...A.) Cultural Anthropologists have found a high number of moral codes(don't kill, don't steal, don't lie, ext.)that are universal to nearly all religions and cultures, regardless of time or place.
...B.) Basic "morality"-altruism and social hierarchy- have been observed in nearly all social mammals, even those only distantly related to humans. Examples include caring for sick members of the group, helping other group members care for young, and working together to hunt and defend against predators.
Also, you accuse non-christian religions of being violent. Yet the Bible condones slavery, murder, genocide, infanticide, racism, and many other atrocities.
Do your homework before you argue your point.
TDICharlieBrown Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014
Before I retort to this, I'll point out the two things I agree with you on:

1.) I am aware that Christianity is not the only religion that believes in the morals that you've listed above. With all due respect, I am NOT that naive.

2.) I am also aware that there are Christians out there that perform violent acts of hate in the name of Jesus Christ. We have a word for those kinds of Christians: insane.

But now onto my retort:

1.) Your argument that scientists state that morality has evolutionary and genetic roots is well made. But here's the problem with that: if mankind came up these moralities, then morality would be changing constantly. One generation would have people saying that it is morally sound for people to act like barbarians and that horrendous acts that we have held accountable for many ages would suddenly be socially acceptable because this person says so. Also, if a man came up and said that we had to follow certain rules because they are morally sound, most people would say "And just who are you to say that this is morally sound?" So in order for these morals to be around for as long as they have, they had to have come from a higher power that is far more powerful than any human in existence.

2.) You've claimed that scientists have found this morality-like behaviors in animals as well. Indeed the facts you have listed are accurate, but here is the difference: let's say a herd of lions closes in on a tiger that killed a zebra for food. The lions chase the tiger off and take the food for themselves. In that case, it's called "survival of the fittest". In human societies, if a group of men close in on another man eating a steak dinner in a restaurant, chase him off, and start to eat his steak, we call that thievery and have the men arrested. Or if a cougar kills an elderly antelope, that's survival. But if a young thug kills an elderly woman for her purse, we demand that person be arrested and sentenced for life.

3.) Now here's the part where I get to respectfully say you need to do YOUR research. Your statement that the Bible condones acts such as slavery, murder, genocide, and other atrocities is inaccurate. Yes, there are parts in the Bible where God commands his armies to go into nations and wipe out the people. But if you research the history of these cities that God commanded his people to overthrow, you will see that the people of these cities were by no means innocent. Historians have stated that the people of these cities were people that committed horrific crimes (sacrificing their children in a bloody manner, worshiping and calling forth evil spirits, witchcraft, raping women and children, etc.) So when God told his people to wipe out nations or to force another nation into slavery, it wasn't because he was a cruel, homicidal God. Nor does it condone acts of hateful murder. It is because he is a JUST God. That's the one word a lot of people forget about when thinking of God: JUST. If a nation or individual commits horrible crimes such as the nations in the Bible did, God will punish them whether it be through death, slavery, or whatever. That's the truth.
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